Getting it Right for Every Child

In  "Getting it right for every child" (GIRFEC) is an approach to children's services, which aims to improve the wellbeing of children in Scotland, so that children have the best start in life. Highland was a pathfinder area for the approach and Highland Children's Forum was pleased to be closely involved with its development, ensuring the voice of children, young people and their families was heard by those designing the new approach. The GIRFEC approach was made statutory by the Scottish Government in the Children in Scotland Act 2014

Wellbeing is measured using the  Scottish well-being indicators (that children are safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, included, respected and responsible).

Just as a child will be registered with a GP to ensure that medical health information, advice or support is available at the time of need, each child will have a Named Person from universal services who will be able to provide information, advice or support for the child's wellbeing needs.

A Named Person may carry out an assessment for a child who may require some additional support. The assessment will recognise the strengths and pressures in the child's life around the 'My world triangle' and if required, develop a Child's Plan to clarify how partners to a child's plan will work together to bring about better outcomes for that child.

Each child or young person, however young or however significant their learning or communication challenges, can be involved in making personal choices if careful attention is given to the expressions they are able to offer.


Children/Young Peoples' GIRFEC Information

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HCF is seeking funding for the redesign of the interactive tools. 

Interactive My World Triangle

Interactive Highland Transiition Guide

Well-being - identifying concerns

My World Triangle with blank clouds

My World Triangle looking at strengths and pressures

Personal evaluation sheet, where children or young people can evaluate well they were involved in their personal planning



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About Highland Children's Forum

Highland Children’s Forum is a registered charity set up in 2000, created by the parent carers of children with additional support needs. The Forum aims to ensure that the voices of children and young people with additional support needs are heard in the design and provision of services in Highland.

Highland Children’s Forum is a voluntary association and a Scottish Charity and we operate under Charity Number SC031945.

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